Friday, August 17, 2012

The song from the Walgreens Commercial 2012 with old black and white video film footage

I didn't know Mr Walgreens invented the first chocolate malt drink, and also the child safety cap? I think those two things alone makes him the savior of all children, if what the commercial says can be trusted of course :). I am not sure if the old footage they used are genuine or not, I think it was probably made to look old but I must say they did a pretty good job. Anyways the song in the commercial is

Down On The Corner


Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. Actually, It was Not Mr. Charles Walgreen's that invented the first chocolate malt. It was invented in England as an infant formula.. and yet the debate may continue on,"Charles Walgreen did not invent the chocolate malt. London pharmacist James Horlick developed ideas for an improved, wheat and malt-based nutritional supplement for infants.
    Despairing of his opportunities in England, James joined his brother William,
    who had gone to Racine, Wisconsin, to work at a relative's quarry.
    In 1873, James and William formed J & W Horlicks to manufacture their brand of infant food in the nearby Chicago.ChaCha " Source, 2012- › Categories › Lifestyle › Food & Drink

  2. Yet another source of Who, When, Why, Where and the evolution of the Milk Shake as it is still known today to many children and adults across the Globe. All I can say, I am happy it was invented, made me smile as a child and now as a adult and parent. Wikipedia has some reliable references, but as always look at the reference area for additional factual supporting evidence.

  3. thank you for the insight anonymous

  4. Um, a cursory web search reveals two different people that were involved in the child safety cap, none of them associated with Walgreens.