Saturday, August 25, 2012

Song from Sears commercial with the dogs driving a car to buy a new TV after they broke it fighting over a red heel 2012

I am not not sure why the dogs were fighting over the red heel stiletto in the first place, is it even their size? Even if it is there is only a pair of them, but with four legs, I wonder which paw they will put it on, or maybe the leather just taste good?

Anyways, back to the commercial, I know Sears online ordering and guaranteed curbside pickup in five minutes is impressive and all, but what is even more impressive is the fact that these dogs can drive cars and clean up after their own mess. Mine just looks at me with twisted pleasure as he waits for me to pick up his poop. I still wonder how they paid for the new TV though, maybe out of their retirement account?

The song in the commercial is also nice and jolly, great for the mood and tone they were going for, it is

East Bound And Down


Jerry Reed

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