Thursday, August 16, 2012

Japanese Strawberries Are So Sweet

Growing up in the "modern" generation, I have been accustomed to the taste of junk food, reprocessed meat and artificial sweets. 

When I think about the taste of strawberries, I imagine the taste of a red colored gummy bear. So the first time I had a taste of the "real deal" I was shocked, it tasted nothing like what I expected strawberries to taste like, it was way more sour than sweet, and to think it is my favorite flavor of candy. It led me to believe that maybe this was just a made up flavor that didn't exist in nature.

That was until one day, when I found myself in Japan somehow (a long story for another time). The custom here is that at the end of your meal restaurants will usually serve you complimentary fruits, sometimes it would be cantaloupe, sometimes it would be pineapple or watermelon. Well one day I looked down at the table to find three of my old nemesis staring back at me...yes the dreaded real strawberries.

I didn't want to be rude so I reluctantly took a bite out of one of them. Immediately I was as shocked as the first time I had them, I quickly inspected it closely to make sure the thing wasn't stuffed with candy or something. No, this taste was the work of nature and it's the taste of all those red candies I had been having all these years. I Finally understood where they got it from.

As it turns out, these three weren't the exception but the standard. Almost all strawberries in Japan are super sweet and extremely delicious, especially when they are in season. So if any of you ever get a chance to visit Japan don't forget to have a taste, trust me, you wouldn't need any icing sugar or whipped cream with them.

P.S. And to anyone reading this who lives in Japan...send me some...pleaseeeee :)   

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