Saturday, August 18, 2012

The song from The Last Stand Trailer and Arnold Schwarzenegger looking old

Arnold Schwarzenegger in his days was the ultimate action hero. He could single-handedly destroy an entire army while smoking a cigar and it would look realistic. With the body of a 7 TIMES Mr. Olympia that is not very surprising. In his prime all other action heroes were relegated to playing second fiddle. But from what I have seen of The Last Stand trailer, it really pains me to see him now, and it really pains me to say that, he has aged pretty badly. I think everybody, including his fans is thinking the same thing, but no one wants to say it. Now he seems to look really out of place in an action movie, his movement and his body is just not up to it anymore, you don't believe he can beat up a kitten let alone a load of bad guys. It is understandable though given his age, but the thing is, he has ages very badly "relative" to other actors.

Take Sylvester Stallone, who is one year older, as an example. When they were both in their prime Stallone was no where near as dominating as Arnold.  Now though, things are completely different. From what I have seen recently in his movies, and from the Bullet In The Head trailer, he certainly can still get the job done. I know a lot of it is done using camera angles and good editing, but onscreen it still looks pretty good. His movement, the fighting, the punches he throws still looks to carry a lot of weight behind them. His body while certainly not amazingly toned anymore, has still got the look of a bulky large set strong guy (another person you might think of is Mickey Rourke).

Maybe it's because Arnold never had to act "tough" his muscles does that for him, he could stroll into a room smiling and no one would mess with him, but other actors had to rely more on their overall look. Well now those muscles are gone and he is not looking so tough anymore.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the song in the trailer is



Cliff Lin (of Riptide Music) 

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