Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Song from Once Upon A Time Season 2 Commercial Promo 2012

I actually like this series for taking a risk trying something different compared to all the other series currently out there that just stick to the usual bankable formulas, I mean how many crime investigation, or vampire werewolf shows do we really need? The cast they got is also pretty impressive, with many of them no strangers to big budgeted Hollywood movies. With it being so different and the plot so unfamiliar to most people I am not sure how well it is doing ratings wise though. I guess getting a second season means that it can't be doing too bad. Another thing I really like is the music in the season 2 commercial, which gave an epic feel perfect for a fairytale :), the song is




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  1. Thank you for the info of the song. I've been trying to figure out what the title and artist was.