Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Girls in the Carl's Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger Commercial with two girls grilling meat (blonde and brunette) 2012

I am not sure if the same company makes both the Carl's Jr. and AXE commercials, but there is certainly one thing you can count on both of them having, very sexy women. Certainly the new ad for the Memphis BBQ burgers is no exception. Featuring two very beautiful women in conservative (material wise that is) outfits working the grill cooking some meat for their burgers. Initially they might be fighting for space on the grill (although I don't understand why since the grill is easily big enough for both of them), but then in the end they realize it is best to work together. I am sure many of you out there will be wondering who these two girls are, since you probably weren't watching the burgers...I know I wasn't.

The blonde girl is Sara Jean Underwood and the brunette is Emily Ratajkowski.

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