Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Frozen Ground Trailer Song 2012

Probably not the best trailer ever created, and considering the two lead actors in the movie, John Cusack and especially Nicolas Cage are well past their prime in terms of star power, they could have used a really good one to get people to want to go see the film. Well I can't blame the people editing the trailer though, they probably realize they didn't need to bother doing a really good job, they can simply insert clips of Vanessa Hudgens pole dancing in a very revealing thong, and pretty much every male will be going to see the movie anyway, which is exactly what they did. In case you weren't too distracted by her "curves", and weren't totally focus on the visuals, you will have heard a very famous song, in case you were wondering what it was, it is

All Along The Watchtower


Jimi Hendrix

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