Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Song from Nike Find Your Greatness Commercial with lots of London sign 2012

Yes I always knew I was great...what's that? Not until I buy a pair of Nike limited edition LeBron sneakers for $350 dollars...oh well.

I got to say though that the commercial was beautifully shot, the location scouts really found some amazing sceneries, can't imagine how much it cost to film at all these locations, especially since each place seems to use quite a lot of extras. My favourite scenes are of the people swimming under the bridge, and of the kids playing Takraw on the rooftops of Bangkok. In case you were wondering, Takraw is one of Thailand's national sport. It is a bit like volleyball, except you are not allowed to use your arms, and there are only three people for each side. Another thing which was great about the commercial was the music, which was specially composed for the ad by

Nicholas Wright and Great Jones7

Sadly however, the song is not available to the public...yet.

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