Saturday, August 18, 2012

Song from Live Your Life by American Eagle Outfitters Commercial 2012

There are actually several commercials by American Eagle Outfitters for the Live Your Life series. They are all pretty similar, featuring different people talking about their life and their fashion styles...and a lot of "posing". It is hard to tell if they are actually real people though, as they seem so "made for TV", with the perfect look, perfect hair and great skin, oh well maybe that is why they were chosen to star in the commercials. As for the outfits? Well I have been to their stores a few times and while they have got quite a lot of nice stuff, their prices are not so nice :). The song in the commercial though, is

Now Is The Start


A Fine Frenzy

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  1. Actually their prices are quite reasonable...where else are you going to find quality blue jeans at $29.99? And if you have a coupon, which you can get from shop kick or four square they are even cheaper. Not to mention they have $10 tanks and tees. Compare to their competitors they are extremely reasonable for a great value and amazing fashionable looks.