Sunday, August 19, 2012

Song from Levi's Commuter Commercial with the guy riding a bicycle cycling 2012

This is a really abstract commercial, something I would have expected from a more traditional "fashion" brand. One that doesn't really feature any storyline, just beautiful shots of a good looking person wearing Levi's product from all sort of angles. Maybe they are trying to do a more trendy looking version of Premium Rush, with less action and more fashion, I mean even the bicycle is way more chic and stylish. The most action you will get here is the rider slamming a car door close on an unsuspecting driver, I didn't quite get that though, and if I was the driver I would have probably started my car and run him down.

The jazzy song though went very well with the style of the commercial, the music is

Access And Enlightenment


Chicago Underground Duo

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