Saturday, August 18, 2012

French Song from Toyota GT86 Commercial 2012 with the animated guy driving a red car escaping an artificial city through a barrier

The idea for this commercial is actually really good. The animation is really well done as well, the mood and tone is great. Feels a bit like you are in the "Tron" universe. By doing something different I think they have really grabbed the attention of whoever is viewing this commercial, well at least they have got my attention. Usually when the standard commercials come one with a car driving around a winding road somewhere in a beautiful landscape with blue skies my mind just automatically say "advert" and switches off. I was actually paying full attention to this one wondering what it was about. The song used was also perfect I think, rather than using some generic rock or techno song during the car chase the classic French song really added to the dark and depressing atmosphere. I am sure most of you recognize the song, but many might not know what it is called, the song is

Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien


Edith Piaf (The song was sung by many people but this was the one used here)

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