Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Song from Beetle Commercial first showing different old beetles and then at the end showing the new 21st century car 2012

You know, although they have done a good job updating the old Volkswagen Beetle, I still much prefer the old one. It just has so much character not present in the new ones. Especially with the newest update, the car just looks like some sort of AUDI Q and Porsche Cayenne hybrid. Maybe the designers just took the designs from both and combined them, which is possible given that Volkswagen owns both Audi and Porsche. I can't deny though that practically the new models will be far superior. The driving experience will be much easier and smoother, and you wouldn't have to worry about all the little maintenance and repairs for a while.

Oh and in case you were wondering the song in the commercial is

Even Now


Keith Kenniff

There is an older ad that is almost exactly the same as this one but uses a different song. You can find that commercial here

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