Thursday, August 23, 2012

Italian Song from Dolce And Gabbana Fragrance Perfume Commercial in black and white 2012

I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this commercial, in fact, I never understood any of these fragrance commercials. They all seem to be very random and abstract, especially from the high-end fashion brands. Maybe it's a cleaver psychological trick to make us want the buy the perfumes to find out. It hasn't yet worked on me though, although to be fair I might be a lost cause, since I rarely even use soap. Oh well, at least the ad is beautifully shot with amazing scenery, I like how they chose to go black and white with everything except the products to make them really stand out. As well as the visuals the Italian song used is also quite nice, which is

Citta' Vuota




  1. Thanks, was just looking for the artist

  2. I was looking for this song too,.. Thanks for that, I thought it was French at the first time,...

  3. actually it's this one ;)