Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Song from Samuel Adams Octoberfest Commercial 2012

A festival dedicated to beer? Where the golden liquid of the gods flow freely and people don't look at you in disgust for drinking too much, but for drinking too little? Sign me up please :). And if you happen to spill some here and there after having a bit too many, don't worry, as Jim Koch says in the commercial, "Don't worry I can make more". After seeing this ad, I can't help but compare the office I work in with my dull grey monotone cubical and the kind of "office" the people at Samuel Adams gets to work in...maybe I should go back and have a word with my career counselor for not "advising" me properly. Back in college I was told to stay away from alcohol as it will waste away your life...well look who's laughing now...not me. Oh sorry, I almost forgot, the song in the commercial is

Made To Be Free


Tim McMorris

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