Thursday, August 30, 2012

Song from Mazda 6 Commercial with two people playing Cello and the car driving on the salt flats 2012

The guy and the girl playing the cellos must be pretty fit, playing the whole way through from night to day like that :). I am not sure if the stars were digitally added or not but they are absolutely spectacular, if it's real I would really want to give that place a visit someday...maybe in my new Mazda 6 :p. The design changes they have made are pretty good in my opinion. It has got a more sporty look, from certain angles it almost looks like a coupe, which is not a bad thing. The new headlights are also pretty slick. To go with the new image maybe that's why they used a hipper song, which is

All Day And All Of The Night


The Kinks (The Cello version in the commercial is by Tina Guo ) 


  1. I'd kindly add that Tina Guo's counterpart is none other than Rushad Eggleston, original Snee goblin and currently the fearless leader of Tornado Rider. Well worth checking them out- it's the greatest show you've never seen.

    1. Thank you for that info, Anonymous. I wondered who he is, too.

  2. It is a real place actually. Its the salt starsflats outside salt lake city Utah. The stars are pretty spectacular there but the ones in the commercial are likely digitally enhanced.