Thursday, August 23, 2012

Song from DSW Commercial that goes I'm in with the in crowd, with women getting in a taxi and going to a bar 2012

I wonder how the four women choreographed exiting their apartments like that, all at the same time, did they phone each other on a four way call and had a countdown? And to have a taxi conveniently waiting for them like that? It's hard enough for me to try and find one screaming and shouting in the middle of the streets. Maybe the driver just couldn't resist their stylish heels, or maybe I am just not part of the "In Crowd". And the sign that says "Where'd You Get Those Shoes?"...errrr...DSW maybe? Considering you're in a DSW COMMERCIAL!!! Anyways the song in the commercial is of course

The In Crowd


Bryan Ferry

P.S. originally the song is by Dobie Gray


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