Wednesday, May 11, 2011

House...the best doctor at getting the wrong diagnosis

I don't know what the definition of a good doctor is, but I thought it would have involved getting the correct diagnosis and therefore treating the patients correctly. Well in the seven odd seasons of HOUSE, I have yet to see him get the correct diagnosis the first time round...or even the second...or even the third. So I am not sure how he got this reputation of being one of the best doctor in the world in the first place. I could have been a great doctor too if it just involved giving random treatments until getting the correct one. Providing of course I get lucky like House and get these die-hard patients who just wouldn't die no matter how many wrong treatments you give them.

Or maybe he is just so good that he knows exactly the correct diagnosis, therefore being able to purposely give the wrong treatments first, just to watch his patients that's a though.


  1. I think the last word's supposed to be THOUGHT. To get to the point, your article is stupid simply because you assume he's a doctor who deals with your everyday sniffles. All his patients have the most unusual conditions, therefore his diagnostic style is experimental. If it was feeling someone's pulse or getting their temperature and concluding it's fever, and if House got THAT wrong, I'm with you. Next time, use your brain before you write an article.

  2. haha I too think that he always get some die-hard patients.