Friday, May 27, 2011

What Type Of Shampoo Am I Supposed To Use?

After walking merrily into my local supermarket the other day to buy some shampoo, I was left dumbstruck. I found myself staring at the personal hygiene section, with a look of complete puzzlement, even more so than during my final exams.

Staring back at me are just about a zillion brands of shampoo. Just looking at all the colors and bottle designs is making me dizzy. " which brand should I choose?". I scanned the shelves quickly hoping for an epiphany. "Hmm..this bottle looks pretty", I thought to myself as I found one brand with a rather nice design, "Although I doubt it is any representation of the stuff in the bottle  though". Nevermind, looking at the price it seems ok, not too cheap to make me think it will make my hair fallout, and not too expensive I don't want to pay for it.

But my trouble does not end there, having found the brand with the bottle design I want, I now realize the brand makes about fifty different types of shampoo...because there are apparently fifty different types of hair.

"For Dry And Damaged Hair". Hmm that sounds like mine.
"Anti-Dandruff". I could use some of that.
"For Greasy Hair". Hey my hair is sometimes greasy.
"Increase Volume". Don't know what that means but sounds good.

So now I am left even more confused. What if I have dandruff AND dry and damaged hair? Do I have to buy both and mix them together for use? Why can't they just put all the good stuff together into one single shampoo? P&G are you listening to me?

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