Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Has Everybody Else Got A Better Job Than Me?

Thinking about people I know and what they do for a living got me feeling a bit depressed recently. One is a travel photographer, his so called "work" involves travelling around to all the beautiful locations in the world, staying in beautiful accommodations...and it's all paid for. 

Another is an event organisers, putting on great parties mainly for different liquor companies, his "work" might involve the difficult task of selecting which models he should hire to hang out at different parties. The "work wall" in his office consists of hundreds of pictures of beautiful girls, and of course he has all their numbers.

Another friend works in the financial sector. He is always in his pin-stripe suit with a smug look on his face (I swear he sleeps in one). I am not surprise though with all the high powered business decisions he gets to make to stroke his ego. On top of that the obscene amount of bonuses he gets every year can't hurt.

Me and my job? It's too depressing even just thinking about it.

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