Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does anyone else hate Prequels

The first encounter that I had with a so called "Prequel" that I can remember was with the Star Wars three prequels. I loved the first three Star Wars, but for some reason I did not look forward to the prequels at all. It's not because I was somehow dreading that it would ruin the original, I would have really looked forward to it if it was a "Sequel", carrying on the story I really enjoyed. The idea of already knowing the path the story will lead to just really puts me off. But you don't know how the story will twist and turn?  True, but imagine watching just the ending of a movie you haven't seen, or even if one of your friends tell you the ending of  the movie. If you were going to see that movie before chances are you will not enjoy it as much, often you wouldn't even bother seeing it anymore.

Another problem with these types of films is that even though it is a prequel, the movie is made after the original. As with newer movies film goers will be rightly expecting something more spectacular, better effects, bigger stories as they would expect with a "sequel". This often creates an awkward situation where the prequel feels newer than the original. For example, in the Star Wars prequel, technologies and spaceships felt much more advanced. The way Jedis fought also seemed much more spectacular, mixing martial arts and amazing sword play. That just creates a constant conflict in my mind as I watch these movies, because I remember how dated the original (which is supposed to be newer in the movie's timeline) looked.

I guess I will just have to get used to it though, since there seems to be more and more prequels coming out these days, even prequels to prequels...:( 

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  1. yeah nothing worst than watching something you already know the ending to.