Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life Of A Convenience Store Vendor

Life Of A Convenience Store Vendor

Customer 1: "Give me a soda".

Vendor: Thinking to myself (Do I look like Yoda or something, there's only like ten different brands and another hundred different flavors. How am I suppose to know which one you want?).

Vendor: "Em...which one do you want", spoken in a polite tone.

Customer 1: "Coke of course", spoken in a tone which makes it obvious that he thinks I am an idiot for not knowing.

Vendor: you go sir...(!!?@#$%) thinking to myself. 

Customer 2: "Give me a soda".

Vendor: "Yes Sir", eager not to make the same mistake I hand him a Coke.

Customer 2: "No no, I want a Pepsi!", he said disgustingly.
Vendor: "Oh sorry", (why didn't you say so then)

Vendor: "Here you go", handing over a Pepsi.

Customer 2: "No no no, I want a Diet Pepsi!!!".

Vendor: (!!?@#$%) thinking to myself. 

Customer 3: "Give me a Regular Coke".

Vendor: "Here you go sir", (That's more like it).

Vendor: "That will be 50 cents".

Customer 3: "......And can I have two Pepsi".

Vendor: " you go".

Vendor: "That will be $1.50".

Customer 3: ".........Err...and give two chocolate bars".

Vendor: -_-"........."Em...Here you go".

Vendor: ...waits for further orders...

Customer 3: "...Well how much is it? Common I am in a hurry!!!".

Vendor: (!!?@#$%) thinking to myself.

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