Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Song from Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Commercial with the car driving through Chandelier, Champagne Tower and Ice Swan

Unpretentious? I think I understand the message the commercial is trying to put out, and it's quite a good idea. Mitsubishi is going for nice, clean, simple and functional design, I must say it is looking pretty good also. So they are having a little dig at other brands that might be going for more superfluous and ultra luxury designs, with over the top options and accessories, and pricing it with a big premium.

This concept could actually work really well in appealing to the common folks, and since there are a lot of them out there this car could sell well. There is nothing cheap about the ad though since it is beautifully shot, I just wonder what the heck that Chandelier is hanging from?

The song in the commercial is also really nice, sadly though it was made specially for the commercial and not available to the public :(.

Update:  Thank you to anonymous we now know that the song was either a slightly different version of

Disparate Youth



or it is a very very similar copy of the song done by some music production company.


  1. the music is from santigold "disparate Youth"

  2. Thank You very much anonymous for the information. I went and listen to the song. At first I thought that was it, but after listening to it again several times, I think it is a slightly different version of the song, either that or they have some music production company copy the song very closely.

  3. This is disparate youth, but the version is a remix by Eyy-up and Kisk.....€#€¤

  4. Always 10 years ago