Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Song from Macy's Commercial 2012 with Martha Stewart, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Diddy and Carlos Santana

Wow, talking about star power, I guess Macy's logo is that shape for a reason. I have seen commercials with celebrities before, but few with as many big names as this one, and the mix is impressive also. I can't believe they got Donald Trump and Carlos Santana in on the act. I would hate to imagine how much this would normally cost, but since most of them have had collaborations with Macy's, maybe they did it for free to help promote their products. Given the number of famous musician, singers and songwriters in the commercial though, I am surprise they didn't just use of of their songs, but instead went with



The Crew Cuts

Maybe this way none of them would feel bad(and angry) for not using theirs.

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