Monday, September 17, 2012

Resident Evil Retribution Sucks

Spoilers Alert!!!

Just the fact that this series has made it to the fifth installment is quite a surprise to me, and probably everyone else, given that the best movies in it were at best average...and many were far far worst. I went into this film thinking that it would be the final installment, and hoped (but did not expect) that they would give the series a decent sent off, I was bitterly surprised on both counts.

Acting : Let's be honest, absolutely no one going to see this movie is expecting great acting, but the acting in this installment is so bad it is ridiculous. As much as I tried to ignore it I just can't, and as if the native speakers weren't struggling enough with the lines, they decided to cast an Asian chick whose first language is clearly not English, surely in this day and age it shouldn't be too hard to find an Asian cast who can speak English more fluently. I am not sure why the acting is so bad though, because I have actually seen many of the casts in other movies where they put in great or decent performances, maybe it's because of the director?

Action :  The action was probably the only part of the whole movie which was not bad. Some of the graphics and special effects were a little too "cartoony" for my taste, and some of it was really campy, especially the part with the soviet zombie soldiers. To be fair though, I have seen worst from one of those "Tarantino Presents" films, and not nearly as many people complained about those. Maybe it's because campy action was what people were expecting in those movies.

Plot : What plot? By this point I doubt anyone can remember (or cared) what the hell is actually going on anymore. The story just serves to get us from one action set pieces to the next.

The Ending : This is by far the worst part of entire film, as soon as the credits started rolling my first thought was "that's it?!!??". There is nothing wrong with leaving your options open for yet another sequel, but at least give us a reasonable conclusion to the current film. This movie really gives Skyline a run for it's money for the worst movie ending ever, it felt like they just ran out of budget halfway through and just decided to end it. Or maybe since it's supposed to be the final installment they have decided to do what is so popular nowadays and split it into two parts. Even then part 1 of the final Twilight and Harry Potter still had better endings than this. All we are told for the entire movie is that they need to rescue Alice to save the human race, to use her as a weapon against the red queen, but to do what exactly?  

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