Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crate and Barrel Commercial Song 2012

One of the simplest commercials I have ever seen, and yet it works. It couldn't have taken an intern more than a day to make the moving texts in the ad with a program like Flash or Adobe After Effects, and that's including the time it takes to learn the programs. So saying that it is probably one of the cheapest ad to make as well.

Given the simplicity of the visuals though, so much of the appeal of the commercial depends on the song, so it was a great decision for them to use the very catchy tune

Stuck On You




  1. The singer whose song they use is MEIKO, and she has made the song from the ad available as a free download at www.meikomusic.com - sooo good!

  2. I googled "Crate and Barrel commercial sucks" this is one of the first websites to come up, and I'm very surprised tbh. It's TOO simple.. would expect more, and still don't think there is a good point. The songs is so horrible, I immediately got annoyed (though had to sit through it due to commercials on XFINITY) good lord it's like a nasal passageway filled with helium. Is that considered talent? The song is only worse then the commercial itself. UHG.