Friday, September 7, 2012

Song from Nokia Lumia 920 Commercial for smartphone 2012

A lot of people feels that the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone is the one that will get people to start thinking about getting something other than an android, or more importantly the iphone. Certainly on paper it seems that this phone is someway ahead of anything else currently on the market (not sure if this will be true when the iPhone 5 launch in a few days though), and it needs to be because Nokia has been lagging behind so much it will take something special for people to start taking them seriously again. One thing I like is that by using Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, maybe we will be able to better integrate our phones and computers (for those of us using a PC), especially for work.

The designs does look pretty sleek also, or maybe it was the very cool song in the commercial that is making me feel that way :), it is



Creep feat Nina Sky (Robert Koch remix)  

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