Saturday, September 1, 2012

Song from FIFA 13 Commercial Join The Club with the guy playing with Messi, Cahill, Joe Hart, Harry Redknapp, Chamberlain and Benzema

This is one amazingly star studded commercial, just goes to show how well the Fifa franchise is doing. I wish "The Club" actually existed in real life, we all have had that dream of being a professional football player, at least in the club we will get a taste of what it's like as a professional "football game" player. I wonder if Messi is as good at the game as he is in real life, if so then he's going to be pretty hard to beat.

One thing that I think could be improve with the ad is they could have chosen a better song, not that it's bad, but it has just got a lot to live up to when it will undoubtedly be compared with the previous installments. The particular music in this one is

Can You Feel It


Freak Power (Fatboy Slim remix)

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