Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pampers I Feel Pretty Commercial Song 2012

The ad makes Pampers looks so comfortable I almost want to wear it myself :). As great as all these innovations are though, one innovation that would complete "change the game" and drive Pampers' sales through the roof are Self Changing Diapers. The second they come out with something like that they will be selling so fast they wouldn't be able to make enough of them to satisfy demand. I guess until then they will just have to use super cute babies to advertise their product, as well as a nice song in the commercial, which is

I Feel Pretty


Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein


  1. they took out the best word in that song 'gay'

    1. unfortunate , but necessary, marketing decision. The word "gay" would lose more customers than it would gain. Perhaps making up a new word would have served everyone better. The word, "gay" has been redefined and is politically charged and currently too volatile for the commercial marketplace.

    2. Yep, just another marketing ploy to sterilize the masses into the acceptance of the homosexual agenda, because they themselves have perverted the terminology of being 'gay'.

    3. They didn't take out the word. They used the actual lyrics. Only the movie version uses "gay" instead of "bright" because the staging was changed to day rather than night... So it rhymes.
      Using the original lyric makes more sense for the context of the commercial, i. e. Bright mornings.

  2. Whoever thought up this commercial should get a big raise! It is one of the best ads We've ever seen,
    and we run to the TV when we hear the music! We even
    remember what they are advertising!!!!!

  3. But, do you buy the diapers?

  4. I wonder if that isn't Sandy Patti singing in the commercial....sure sounds like here.