Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dubstep Song from Adidas Foot Locker Commercial with Snoop Dogg and Lion on the building rooftop 2012

The dubstep song in the new Foot Locker exclusive Adidas Space Diver sneakers commercial 2012 has got a great beat and a cool bassline, sadly though for those of us hoping for the track to listen to on our own time, it is only a short jingle created specially for the commercial.

I am not really sure about the meaning of the large animated blue smoke lion though, does anybody know? And where exactly can they be "rolling" to from that rooftop?


  1. I heard snoop dogg has changed his name to snoop lion? Dont know how true it is but heaard it before the ad was on tv

  2. He did. He became a part of the rastafari way of life. The symbol of the rastafari people is the lion. That explains the lion. He also doesn't rap anymore. He is a reggae genre artist now