Thursday, March 8, 2012

So will the next iPad be called The New New iPad

Hmm...this move from Apple to call the new iPad...well "the new iPad" instead of the iPad 3 is a slight surprise. To be honest I don't think most people really mind about the name of the device, i mean they can call it "the chopping board" and probably nobody would care, but I am slightly curious as to the reason behind the naming decision...if there was any that is.

I mean in it's recent history Apple doesn't seem to mind using incremental numbers to mark new generations of it's devices, take the iPad's cousin the iPhone for example, which is now up to the iPhone 4. So is there a deeper rational behind the decision? Could it be possible that this will be the last of the iPad as we know it, and that the next generation (iPad 4) will be so different with new innovations that it will no longer be called the iPad, but some new and completely different name? Or perhaps they are going with a change in the naming of their devices and the new iPhone will also be called something else? Or Perhaps there will be no further iPhone or iPad, but the two devices will be merged together into a new super iDevice?

...emm well I actually don't know either,  guess we will find out.  

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