Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Remake Total Recall?

Another Remake!!! Arggrhhh!?@#$ Like many other people that was my first thought. I mean it would have been understandable if they want to do a remake because the first film was badly done, or because the special effects capabilities back then wasn't good enough to do the story justice, but clearly neither of these is the case.

Just like everyone, I was cursing at Hollywood in disbelief at it's lack of creativity, surely if they can't think of something completely new, it can't be that hard to come up with a similar type of story and at least make a new movie that we haven't seen before.

When I started to think about it more however, I realized there might be a more important reason to why the studios keep making these remakes of hit movies, and that of course is why any movie is authorized to be made at all by the suited executives...MONEY. By choosing to do a remake of a hit movie, instead of a brand new one, they might at least have some level of insurance that the movie will break even. That is because statistically, a large portion of the people who saw the original will also go to see the remake, whether they, like me are complaining that it is a remake or not.


  1. This was my thoughts exactly. There is ZERO need to remake such a classic and brilliant film. Arnie immortalized the film and colin farrell will suck like every other movie he's been in.


  2. In the future people will ask 'Where were you when Hollywood turned into a greedy, soulless, uncreative vampire?' and we all get to reply 'Watching as it unfolded'.

    The biggest thing that bugs me is how actors and actresses think they are the center of the world - yet all they are, are products. Without actors schooling, producers, directors, writers (if they still exist?), wardrobe, editors, CGI, and all the hundreds of other departments that help create movies - without them, actors would be NOTHING.

    Also, is it just me or, are actors - especially 'superhero' themes - getting, for lack of a better word, more prissy and homo-sexualized?

  3. Totally agree. Lack of talent, and balls I say. Promethius remake will be next !