Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leonardo DiCaprio Highest Grossing Movies

1. Titanic - $601,000,000

2. Inception - $292,000,000

3. Catch Me If You Can - $165,000,000

4. The Departed - $133,000,000

5. Shutter Island - $128,000,000

6. The Aviator - $103,000,000

7. Gangs Of New York - $78,000,000

Leonardo DiCaprio is the kind of guy people usually find really easy to hate. The ultimate teenage heartthrob, he is filthy rich, and he has got a list of swimsuit model girlfriends long enough to fill a whole issue of Sports Illustrated on their own(hmm...now that's an idea). Yet I find myself having a lot of respect for him. Instead of doing the usual type of movies many with his looks would, his choice of films have been anything but typical, often taking on more serious, quirky or challenging roles.

ps. or maybe I pity him for dying in so many of his movies despite being the good guy.

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