Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Player Stats Search

Many people have found the search function in the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team mode quite inadequate. Sure you can look for players of certain nationalities, positions or clubs, but cannot look for a specific name...or more importantly search for players by their stats. This poses a real problem, since when building your team one of the most important thing when looking for different positions is probably their stats. Maybe you want someone really pacey for the wings, or if you like crosses maybe you want a striker who is really good at heading the ball.

Well thankfully there is a place you can go to search for players by their stats and many other attributes, such as how many stars they have for their skill or weak foot. Simply follow the link below...enjoy.

PS. be careful not to get too addicted to just searching and don't forget to actually play matches :).

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