Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Stats you don't see effect how players perform

When I first started playing the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 13 and started putting together a squad of players, the first thing that I (and many others) wondered about was the difference in players' stats.

In every other game modes, each players will have many many stats, special abilities and traits. In UT however, only six stats are displayed on each player's cards BUT the player's overall rating, which seems to have been taken from the original complete stats are also displayed. So the question is what actually effect how good a player is in the game. Is it just the six stats? or does the original stats you don't see also has an effect?

We will never know for sure but after lots of experimenting using different players with different stats and overall ratings, I am pretty sure that the hidden stats you do not see also comes into play. On so many occasions players with a high overall rating but whose six visible stats are pretty ordinary will significantly outperform players with great visible stats, but bad overall rating. This is especially noticeable when many players with Pace in the the 80s are actually faster than many players whose Pace are in the 90s

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