Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Rant About The Avengers Movie

Spoilers Alert!!!

No Really There are Spoilers In This Post!!!

Before anyone start shouting profanity at me, I got to say that I think The Avengers is a really good fun blockbuster movie, and I enjoyed it more than Battleship. 

The reason I started this post is really to see if anyone else felt the same way about some aspects or parts of the film.

  1. The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor are so superior to the other team members that I felt a bit sorry for them.
  2. At first (as was explained throughout the whole movie) when Dr. Banner turns into the Hulk he loses all control and rationale, destroying and killing everything in sight. But then suddenly at the end he somehow seems to be in (almost) total control of it. Knowing who the difference between friends and foes, and understanding what people are saying to him.  
  3. The ending kind of diminishes the importance of the final battle, and The Avengers a bit. Despite all the cool fighting moves and special powers of the heroes, the army could have just fired a nuke into the portal and destroy the mothership in turn killing the entire alien army and winning the battle themselves.
  4. The scene with the guy playing Galaga is just overkill :)

These were just very minor issues though, and the film is highly recommended. As with these types of movies The Avengers has plenty of action and comedy. And if the producers continue to make sequels to the francise(which I think they will given how well it did at the box office) they tend to ramp up both the action and the comedy. This is where I think they have got to be careful, remember the latter stages of the previous Batman series with George Clooney? If they keep ramping up the comedy aspects, eventually the movies just become too camp, and I could really do without another cliche "reboot" of let's start again and make everything darker.    

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