Monday, May 28, 2012

Men In Black 3 Is Much Better Than Expected...Just Don't Expect A Blockbuster

The other day I was going into the cinema expecting the worst. So often the third film of the franchise (excluding those that were meant to be trilogies right from the beginning) turns out to be it's miserable end. If anyone has seen Blade 3 or Terminator 3 you will understand.

The trailer didn't help either, the story didn't seem that interesting and there didn't seem to be any big blockbuster set pieces. As it turns out this movie really wasn't a blockbuster, but that's OK.

Watching it is like watching a sitcom, the film moves from scene to scene, maintaining a steady, friendly and humorous feel with some touching parts. There really isn't any big climax to the movie but all the different scenes works well enough to make the entire experience enjoyable. In a way this is good, because although there aren't any parts of the movie that are especially spectacular, there aren't any boring parts either.  

The story worked surprisingly well considering how often the time travel theme can get so overly complicated and confusing that it just ruins the movie. Sure there are still loads of holes in the logic of the MIB 3 story if you want to look at it in a "realistic" manner, but rather than waste time trying to explain everything, it just lets us enjoy the bigger story, which is good because during the film you just don't really think about all the logical dilemmas that occur.

So overall I would recommend this movie to anyone.


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