Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What Do They Teach at Music College

Many people who love music and wants to make a living doing something they love will have considered taking a course in a musical college program or a bachelor of music degree at a university. One of the main thing people will be wondering of course is "what exactly will they teach me". Well these days there are so many different courses and programs that will teach you in all kinds of things and different specific areas within the industry. In this article though I will be talking about the usual "traditional" course.

The first year of the course will usually be a broad overview of the history and theory of music. This will include all types of music, certainly everyone will have their favorite genre, but it certainly doesn't hurt and will most likely be useful to know about the other genre as well. Also you will still be taking classes in other optional subjects like English, History or even Maths (:( yeah I know), but don't worry they are a very small part of the course.

Once you get pass the first year, you will get to choose a more specific area you want to study in. One thing that is usually not taught is how to play musical instruments. Not that it is unimportant, but the proficiency in instruments is something you will be expected to work on in your own time. Certainly you will receive guidance on them, but there really is only one way to get better, and that is practice practice practice.

For your final project you will be required to put all you have learn to practice and make some music. Maybe write a concerto if you are into classical or put an album or concert performance together if you are into jazz or rock, either way this will probably be the most enjoyable and productive part of your course.

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