Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Music College Ranking 2013

Keep in mind that these rankings can be somewhat subjective, and that all of the music schools in the top ranking will all have great facilities and professors. It is probably best for you to personally visit the campus of the colleges you are interested in, since they all have a different atmosphere and feel to them. Remember also that there are no guarantees that in the future when you are using your degree to apply for work the ranking of your college will still be the same, so it is probably best to choose your place of study based on where you think will give you a great education as well as an enjoyable college life.

1. University Of Rochester - Eastman School Of Music

2. Indiana University - Bloomington

3. Juilliard School

4. University Of Michigan - Ann Arbor

5. Curtis Institute Of Music

6. New England Conservatory Of Music

7. Northwestern University

8. Oberlin College Conservatory

9. University Of Cincinnati

10. University Of Illinois - Urbana Champaign


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