Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Music College Worth It

This is probably a question everyone considering taking a degree in the arts have asked themselves, and rightly so. Doing a music course at university is a big financial and time investment. Unlike a lot of other profession where a degree is required, you could end up with just a piece of paper at the end of your course, since in most cases the certificate will count little if at all in getting you a job in the music industry. So you will probably have to look at what else you are going to get out of it.

Motivation: Even the greatest athletes need coaches, if it weren't important to their success they wouldn't bother spending so much money on them. In theory you could probably achieve more by spending six hours everyday practicing your craft and at the same time going out asking for any intern jobs in the music industry you can get and doing it for free. In reality though, when you are at home with all the time in the world and left to your own devices you tend to get very lazy. That's where the professors, course deadlines and exams come in.

Time: University is like one big playground for you to learn and experiment on your craft. You will have all the facilities at your fingertips for you to spend all the time doing what you love and try things that "you" want to do. This is probably the only time in life when you will have this opportunity. Even if you do work in the music industry the kind of music you do will often be limited by the clients or your bosses.

Being with other like minded people: Whether it is your professors or your classmates being surrounded by plenty of like minded people who love the same thing you do is great. Not only will you be able to learn from each other but you can also encourage each other to come up with great new ideas. On top of this it will be a great time to start making connections that could help you later in your career.

Overall I think you should consider going to music college if it does not put a financial strain on you or your family. If it does, or if you will need to take out a load in order to pay for your course it is probably not worth it as if you really love and are passionate about music, you will probably have enough motivation to succeed with or without a degree anyway, and if you don't the piece of paper wouldn't help.

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