Friday, July 13, 2012

Some Movies Should Not Have Sequels

Having seen the trailer for Taken 2, it has got me thinking about how some movies should not have sequels made of them, because it will only most likely be inferior to the original. Of course Taken 2 is not out yet so we can not say if it will be good or not.

But some films were always meant to be an only child, whether intended or not. Maybe due to its plot, the way it was filmed or just the way everything came together, it just created something that works when it came out. Like a really funny moment that you just had to be there to understand, and if you try to tell it again afterwards to other people it will never be the same.

Some films I can think off the top of my head that fits into this category are The Blair Witch Project, and some could argue The Matrix, and well...maybe Taken will fit into this category also...we shall see.


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