Monday, April 2, 2012

Wrath Of The Titans Sucks, Deja Vu


Seeing Wrath Of The Titans was for many reasons a deja vu experience for me. Firstly because it reminded me of the last film I just saw, which failed to really fulfill it's potential, that movie was The Hunger Games. More Importantly though, because it seems like a ripoff of it's own prequel, Clash Of The Titans.

After seeing Wrath Of The Titans, someone asked me if the movie was good or not, surprisingly my first thought was "I don't really know". I can't say that the movie was really bad, but I can't say that it was good either, which I guess makes it kind of bad.

This got me thinking about how I was looking forward to seeing it, thinking that the  producers would have learn from the mistakes keeping the first one from being a great movie. Instead, not only does it makes exactly the same mistakes as the first movie, if you really look at it, it IS exactly the same movie. Maybe the producers wanted to stay with the current trend of doing remakes, but even they knew better than to do a remake of a movie less than 3 years old (and was itself a remake), so instead they decided to "tweak" the movie in the slightest possible way.

Here are the list of similarities (carbon copies) between the two movies.

1. Changing 3 letters from the title from Clash Of The Titans to Wrath Of The Titans...people will never know it's the same movie.

2. At the beginning of the movies, Hades trick Zeus leaving him in a hapless position waiting for his Demi-God son Perseus to come and rescues him.

3. In order to save the universe Perseus must go on a long journey to obtain the magical item that will be use to defeat the final boss.

4. Both journeys involve going to find a person who can point him in the right direction and both journeys end up in the underworld.

5. In both movies Hades has a powerful male warrior ally who keeps trying to stop Perseus from completing his journey.

6. Both said allies wanted revenge against Zeus who has done them wrong. In the first movie it was a warrior king whose wife Zeus raped and in the second movie it was Ares the god of war, son of Zeus who felt Zeus loved Perseus more than him.

7. Both said allies also almost welcomed death when they were killed by Perseus.

8. In both movies there is a woman skilled in combat who comes along to help on the journey, and ended up being Perseus love interest.

9. In both movies the final bosses are large mountain sized lumbering monsters who doesn't do much before being killed.

10. At the end of the movie Perseus rides in on Pegasus just in time with the magical item to kill the final boss.

11. The final bosses are killed so easily you have got to wonder why the gods don't just go get the magical item and do it themselves.

As you can see the list is quite a long one with many major plot points and the same scenes. So seeing pretty much the same movie I saw two years ago really detracts from the enjoyment. Apart from this there are also other minor points that further bring the movie down. I mean we are suppose to be rooting for Zeus who is apparently a good god, but from the plot you have got to wonder who the bad guy really is. I mean he was the one who came up with the plot to overthrow his own father and imprison him for eternity, with the help of his brothers. After succeeding he then betrays his brother Hades and banish him to the what a good guy. The plot of the two movies are also slightly inconsistent, I thought they said that the Titan was defeated by the Kraken in the first movie, but in the sequel it was conveniently changed to the Spear Of Tream.         


  1. Well said. Just saw this piece of crap last night and I am deeply regretting it. Totally anticlimactic and pointless

  2. Hahahhahaaaa... Greatest analysis I've read. Thought the same almost. And in the end.. Warner bros employs the same writers for part 3 (another remake? LOL). And, runtime is shitty, how do they expect to have a strong story in 1 and a half hours? I bet as long as they rip their profits, they can always rip off the consumers.

  3. love reading this more than the movie itself