Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Raven is not bad just don't expect too much

The Raven is a pretty decent thriller murder mystery, even though it doesn't offer anything new or innovative it should keep you resonably entertained, which is more than can be said of many other movies. That being said though there are a few things I would like to rant about after having seen the movie.

Disclaimer: Spoiler warning!!!

There are a few things in the movie that for me doen't seem to make sense.

  1. The killer kept leaving clues for the location of the next clues. Knowing that the police will come to find the clues he still waits around the location "until" the police arrives to make a run for it, several times nearly getting caught in the process. I mean if he wants to get caught just don't bother running, and if he doesn't then don't wait around knowing full well that they are coming. Even if he wants to see the police find the clues surely he could have planned a better escape, every time he seems almost surprised that the police are there.
  2. How the killer managed to abduct John Cusack's girlfriend is really unrealistic. Sure there was some distraction with the horse crashing into the party. But somehow the killer managed to single handedly drag her screaming, from the center of a large house full of people "and" standing right next to Cusack, who sees her being dragged away, without him or anyone doing anything about it or following her. Not to mention that he has to get her outside carrying/dragging her past all of the guards and policemen. I mean he can't be moving that quickly that John can't follow him when he is dragging her away.
  3. When John Cusack was dying at the end wouldn't he want to spend his last moments with the love of his life that he spent the entire movie trying to find and gave his life to rescue? Instead he walks off to sit on a park bench alone.
  4. If he wanted to tell the detective who the killer was, surely it would have made more sense to write it down, or just tell anyone who was at the scene rescuing the girl at the end. We know he was there because the father of the girl said "he was just here a moment ago" when the detective asked him where John Cusack was. I mean he just simply had to say it was the print setter name...

Another thing that is probably less important but annoyed me a bit was the constant use of big words. Does using lots of superfluous (there goes one of my own) words make one feel like a super interlectual literary geniuus? To me it just seems really pretentious, like someone is trying really hard to sound cleaver.

and p.s. I thought his poems, especially the one he wrote for his lover was pretty cheesy and really bad.

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