Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How Does Sam Worthington Keep Getting Lead Roles in Big Budgeted Blockbuster Movies

Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash Of The Titans, Wrath Of The Titans, this is an impressive list of big budgeted block buster movies. What is even more impressive, or more accurately "unbelievable" is the fact that they all have Sam Worthington starring in a lead role.

I just don't understand why he keeps getting these parts, or why they keep casting him. I don't know if he is a bad actor or not because the scripts he is given in these movies acting wise are pretty horrible, but he certainly doesn't help to make them better. I mean every time I see him onscreen I keep thinking that I am watching a B-movie, even though all the special effects onscreen clearly cost several hundred million dollars. His overall personality, the way he looks, the way he speaks just lacks any sort of charisma or appeal. In fact his performances seem to lack any sort of real emotion except for this constant fake angry tortured soul look he has got on all the time.

But there might be two reasons why directors keep using him. Firstly he might be relatively cheap, and all the money saved on actors' salaries could be spent on even more special effects. Secondly all these blockbusters he has been in so far have done well to really well at the box office, even though most people who have seen them don't think they are very good movies...but who cares, by that time they have already taken your cash at the box office.         

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