Monday, July 16, 2012

Space Battleship Yamato End Credits Song

The song at the end of Space Battleship Yamato in the end credits is

Love Lives


Steven Tyler (lead singer of the band Aerosmith)

A beautiful song, perfect to sum up a beautiful movie I really like. Notice how I didn't say it was a great movie, that is because rationally 9 times out of 10 I would hate and definitely make fun of a movie like this(which I am sure many will). It is a film with so many plot holes and things that seems so illogical, but illogically I really like it.

One thing that you certainly can't fault the movie for is it's visuals. I can easily say that it is probably the best special effects and CGI work I have seen in a movie that was not a big budgeted Hollywood production. Going into the movie I was expecting the worst, to see "special effects" you usually see in one of those direct to cable movies that makes you cringe. The visuals however, was so well done that it  not only didn't get in the way of the story telling, but it added to it, which is not easy at all for a space opera such as this.

Speaking of SFX this movie does have a lot of similarities with another big budgeted Hollywood movie, that is Battleship. Certainly both have Battleship in their titles, but that is just the start. The plot for both movies are also similar, Earth being invaded by unknown aliens intent on wiping out humans with a lone Battleship and it's crew the only hope of saving it. I have to say though that somehow I prefer this movie. Maybe it's because I have seen so many action/comedy big budgeted Hollywood Blockbusters that this is just something new to me. But in Battleship, there was not a single moment when I felt any real tension, of course they are going to save the day, I mean come on, I didn't even think any of the good guys are really going to die. They will just keep making smart cocky comment until the aliens kill themselves. Not so in Yamato, there were definitely much more character development, many touching moments and moments where all hope seems lost.

And the thing that is definitely much better in this movie...the end credits song.     

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