Saturday, July 21, 2012

Christian Bale Looks Thin In The Dark Knight Rises

Is it just me or does Christian Bale looks a bit thin and frail in The Dark Knight Rises. I haven't seen the movie yet but from all the trailers I have seen he looks noticeably worn out. Maybe it is just age getting to him, I did notice he was getting a bit old with the last Batman movie The Dark Knight but he really does look it here. I think even his co-star Tom Hardy, who is playing Bane, has mentioned it in interviews.

I still remember the body he had in American Psycho doing all those crunches and man it would be great if he still had that body. I think he never really recovered from doing The Machinist and The Fighter when he had to get really thin for the roles.

Or maybe he is also doing, or is about to do another movie that requires him to be thin? Does anyone know?


  1. Think it's because it's meant to be 8 years on since the last film, and he's a frail, wasted figure. He also spends a few weeks trapped down a pit in a prison - which would explain his lack of mass.

  2. does he get back to his old self as the film goes on?

    1. nope. thats what i was hoping for but he remains weak.

  3. He also looks very thin because of his weight loss for his part in the movie The Fighter. Watch this movie or view frames of him in it and you will notice he wasn't able to gain the weight back properly before shooting started for Dark Knight Rises.