Thursday, April 12, 2012

Battleship is a good fun movie if you can ignore the many plot holes

This is the first film I have seen in a while that delivers exactly what is expected of it, a popcorn blockbuster action movie, which is lots of pretty decent action sequences and special effects. So if you like this kind of movie then I would strongly recommend it.

With just some slight alterations to the script however, the movie could have been a lot better, as it is though you really have to work hard to ignore the numerous plot holes. In fact I wouldn't even call them plot holes, it is just that the aliens in the movie keep doing things that make absolutely no logical sense whatsoever, and seem to be purposely letting the heroes win.



  1. you mean like how an alien warship that can travel light years across the galaxy to Earth can be taken out by a 70 year old steam powered battleship?

  2. yeah I don't understand why the aliens kept letting the main characters live while killing all other people with ease.