Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Grammys are so much better than The Oscars

I have got to say that I am not a fan of award shows, and only watch them when I am forced to by some family and friends. Having recently watched The Grammys though, I have got to say that it...and most other award shows in fact, are much more enjoyable (or much less torturing) than having to watch the Oscars, and I think there are a few main reasons for this.

Firstly the people involved seems to be there to have a good time. Both the attendees and the organizers bascially create a party atmosphere and act like they are at one. They don't take themselves too seriously and most don't seem to mind if they win or are even nominated. At The Oscars though everyone is so uptight and serious. It seems they have really bought into their own illusion that the Oscars is some kind of sacred award, something like winning the 100 meters at the Olympics, that if they win a "best actor/actress award" they really have turned in the best performance of any actor that year, which most of the time is completely untrue.

Secondly I think The Grammys do have an easier time trying to put on a good show. They are celebrating music and as such can pretty much just put on a great live all star concert. With The Oscars though it is probably harder to keep coming up with new and original live performances. In fact the best parts of the show most of the time, apart from the host's gags and jokes, are the live musical performances of the best original soundtracks nominees. 


  1. I can't stand either of them.

  2. people at the oscars are wayyyy too uptight nowadays

  3. just watching all the crazy outfits at the Grammys make it worth tuning in