Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Samsung Watch Gear Commercial Song on the Ski Lift and asking for girl's number

The songs in the Samsung watch gear commercial with the guy on the ski lift and asking for the girl's number are

When they are on the ski lift the song is

Last Christmas


Wham! (instrumental version)

and the song when they are drinking wine on the balcony is

Snow Love


Kwan feat Gear

The commercial is done quite badly, I am sure anyone who has watched it have picked up on that already. It starts off with the guy asking for the girl's number on the ski lift by just her saying the number into his watch. He then follows (stalks) the girl around while she is skiing thaking her photos with the watch. Later at a party he uses the watch to search the internet and help him pick out a good wine. Finally he uses the watch to play some music on his smart phone while they drink on the balcony.

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