Thursday, July 11, 2013

Why the Minions Movie spin-off from Despicable Me might not work

Ok so I'm sure everyone loved the little minions in Despicable Me and it's sequel. How could you not? They are so cute and funny, and they were probably most people's favorite character...they sure were mine.

With this in mind it was no surprise that the powers that be decided to give the popular little minions their own entire movie. However, I fear that our lovable minions might be one of those good thing that are better in small doses. I one the main problem I see is that they don't actually speak...I mean not understandably. Making speeches with random sounds and odd gestures might be amusing...for a little while, but to do it for an entire movie? Even in Despicable Me 2 they were beginning to wear on me a little sometimes in some scenes when the minions were getting very long screen time.

I am not saying this because I hate these little yellow potato heads, on the contrary I love them, and that is why I am worried that a movie which ends up not being very good would tarnish our good memories of them.

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