Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man Of Steel Script Sucks

Now I know that an intern named David S Goyer worked on the production of Man Of Steel, because in the end credits his name came up as the writer of the screenplay. Surely something this bad couldn't have come out of an experienced writer...hang on...he was also the writer for Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance and Blade Trinity...hmm...maybe I shouldn't be surprise, but then he also wrote some good stuff like The Dark Knight Triology. Maybe its the director, Zack Snyder, who is to blame since he has a track record of making movies with great visual styles but terrible scripts, like 300 and Sucker Punch.

It was a shame really because I have got to say every other aspects of the film was great. The visuals, special effects and music were all amazing, the best part however was undoubtedly the fight scenes. This was probably the first movie that I have ever saw that successfully pulled off a comicbook style over-the-top superpowered fight, especially between heroes that can fly, they usually just ends up looking really fake and silly. With this movie however, every thing just looked so natural (as much as they can be considering the kind of moves they were pulling off), this is exactly what a Dragon Ball Z styled fight should look like when done in live-action.

The same sadly can't be say for the story or the lack of logic in the movie, which constantly had me thinking "what the @#$!" or even laughing out loud and constantly took me out of the flow of the film. I am usually pretty good at remembering plot holes and total illogical things in movies but this one had so many I couldn't keep track of.

Spoilers Alert !!!

  • "I have been a warrior my whole life, all my senses have been trained and focused on the art of combat!!! Where did you train? On a Farm? " proclaims General Zod to Superman before getting beaten rather easily by Superman, ok so maybe Superman has been on Earth absorbing the Sun's radiation for longer or whatever but then why...
  •  General Zod who is apparently the head of Krypton's military gets into a fight with Superman's father (Russell Crowe) who is the head scientist...and gets completely outclassed and beaten to a fact I don't remember Zod winning a single fight in the entire movie.
  • The Kryptonians have such advance technology that they colonized and terraform thousand of planets, yet for some unknown reason they abandoned everything flew home to a single planet and wait for it to blow up.
  • Is Lois Lane really needed everywhere? Was she really needed at the end in that military plane just to push a small rod into the slot (I know what some of you are thinking), a task in which she failed I might add, and for some reason the scientist turning the slot slightly to the left solved the problem?
  • When presented with this long-shot of a plan the U.S. military just went "Oh OK"?, I was sure they would have at least tried nuking the machine first, the one in the ocean of course not the one in the city.
  • So a Tornado is coming and the dog is stuck in the car, should we send the 60 year old chubby father or the indestructible alien son in his prime? Yeah that's what I thought. Even when things go South he didn't go to save his father because God forbid some people might see what he is capable of and he just couldn't let that happen...oh wait...he has been revealing his powers saving random people on countless occasions since he was a kid, he probably let his father die because he was still angry at him after their argument.

I am sure there are countless more I have missed, so if you remember anymore please feel free to add to the list.

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